Saturday Academy

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I'm confident that our academic achievement model has provided empirical evidence that disadvantaged children can succeed with guidance, mentoring, financial assistance and love. — Euclid Williamson, Founder

Every fall and spring, college faculty teach students core curriculum classes from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m.  Students can choose to participate in two of our courses each Saturday that our academy is held.  Students have the option to attend our STEM Course, English literature/ Communications course, or our robust senior seminar program.

In our class of 2023, 100 percent of our seniors matriculated from their high schools and went on to enroll into twenty-eight colleges and universities.



Our STEM Initiative was launched in 2012.  As a supplement to the course offered in Saturday Academy, the STEM Initiative incorporates guest speakers in STEM professions, shadowing and mentoring opportunities, and site visits to various businesses, universities, and research facilities in related fields.

The presence and availability of African-American and Latino professionals are key in galvanizing interest in STEM majors and careers: students need to see people that are like them in science-related majors and careers to help realize their own potential in similar roles.